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In 1914, the French abandoned the mines in Sakarya. The Mine Creek, where the remaining tunnels and rails remaining from the mines are preserved today, has surrendered to the unique beauty of nature over the years and has become a frequent forest cover. Maden Deresi is connected to Sakarya and is located between Kocaali and Karasu districts on the Black Sea coast. The 30 km long Maden Creek flows into the northern Black Sea. Natural spring water boiling from Pine Mountain sometimes sometimes waters the waters of Karasu. Stream bed, the last period of the Ottoman period lead, borax, zinc and gold mines are operated as a region called Mine Creek. Maden Creek; It is a daily holiday place with recreational facilities, promenade places, trout farms, waterfall and stream. Especially for Istanbul people who want to make a short holiday due to its proximity to Istanbul is a very convenient place to go on weekends.

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Listening to the relaxing sound of the creek, picnicking in the countryside, taking pictures of the waterfalls and visiting the historical mine cave is one of the things you should do when you visit Maden Creek. This area is a fairly dense forested area. Flowing in a deep valley, both sides of the stream are covered with beech, chestnut and plane trees. Under these trees in October-November, chestnuts in the spring, in the spring summer is not enough to eat mountain strawberries. If you follow the path you can see various cave entrances on the cliffs. Most of these caves with gold mines have been closed in the past and some tunnels are still in use. The roads in this area have been determined as a suitable course by climbers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Just behind the Maden Creek waterfall, there is a set of about 15 meters high from the Genoese. This set, which is formed with stones, looks like dam on Maden Creek.

When you walk up the picnic areas, you reach the waterfall. You can reach the waterfall by passing through the creek with special shoes. The waterfall here is 5 meters high. You can climb the roads and water, even caves and stone balconies, which can be climbed by the water which is very cold.

Maden Deresi has healing water which is said to be good for skin diseases, stomach diseases, nervous system diseases and healing of wounds. Hot springs and healing waters within Maden Creek attracts visitors from all four seasons of the year. Surrounded by forested areas, the spa area offers a peaceful rest. Fishing is also carried out in the Maden Creek, where trout and carp fish are found.

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The main meaning of the longose ​​is the forest. Acarlar Longozu, also known as the world’s largest longoz. In such places, too long animals live. The property lives in the region with many fish species. At the same time, the vegetation is very high with the water being too much. Longoses are a natural wonder. You can have a great holiday around this area. You can have an extremely pleasant holiday with your family or alone in the area which will be an ideal resting area.

Now imagine a forest. You know a lot of wood species that you know. This is exactly where it is. But the only difference is that all the trees you know are under the water. With the blue of the sky and the roots of the trees under the water and the trees around these trees, frogs, geese and a variety of animals suy It is a holiday in the middle of nature. This is the only place in the city that you can feel so close to and away from. Isn’t it nice for you to go on a long boat with kayak or dolphin-shaped sea bikes and then to have a nice feast of fish?

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This natural wonder is now protected by the Ministry of Environment and at the same time, it is trying to be introduced to people from a touristic point of view. Besides, there are some problems. The region can also be called Acarlar Lake. There are 8 different villages around the region. The waste water of these villages can occasionally mix with the lake and pollute the environment. This is one of the biggest problems in the region. At the same time, traveling with water motors in the longoz can sometimes damage birds in the water.

In certain seasons of the year, water birds can cause very serious damages due to the incubation of water birds. There is a walking path of about 600 meters around the longoz. On this road, only the sounds of trees and various birds are heard. At the same time, you can also feed the ducks that live here at noon. The entrances to Longoza are free. Visitors can also bring their own meats and rent a barbecue from the small wooden restaurant. Then you can sit down and relax in one of the small piers.

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